Biafra – Innoson Motors Enugu Manufactures High Tech Bullet-proof Cars

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In Biafra Africa Died, Black Technological Innovations Died. The Pictures below are some of the vehicles manufactured by Innoson motors, Enugu Biafraland. Innoson Motors is another Biafran Technological Innovation, just to prove to the world that whatever the white brain can do, a black brain can do also. Africans are not daft, but just that colonialism raped africa of all it’s dignity.

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The Blackman becomes one who is constantly looking for what to eat. Of course you have to feed first before thinking of developing any form of technology. But lo and behold Biafrans are taking the lead. All africa should join hands and make sure Biafra is restored. This is because Biafra is the only hope of the blackman

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However, the British Nigerian Government has been suppressing Biafrans for more than 50 years. Ezekiel Izuogu would have been the first Biafran to start manufacturing cars but the Nigerian British Government choked him up.

Thank God Innoson was able to establish during the time of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan as President of Nigeria. Today Innoson motors is manufacturing state-of-the-art bullet proof cars.

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