Benin Social Watch Initiates Workshop On The PAG

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Benin Social Watch, on behalf of all civil society organizations, initiated this Thursday at Benin Royal Hotel in Cotonou, a reflection workshop on the Government Action Program (PAG). 

The theme of this workshop, which was attended by the Coordinator of the Office of Analysis and Investigation, Mr. Johannes Dagnon, the Principal Economist of UNDP, Ms. Ginette Mondongou and the 1st Secretary of the Office of the Economic and Social Council (CES), Mr Lawani Arouna is “Implementation of flagship projects of the PAG: Holders of responsibility and Carriers for information of the citizen”.

The Benin Social Watch network in its citizen watch approach initiated the project “Citizen Watch of the Program of Action of the Government (PAG) of Benin”. The objective of this project is to follow independently the implementation of the 45 flagship projects of the PAG, in order to make alternative proposals to the government.

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This workshop of reflection on the PAG is thus the opportunity for the actors of the civil society to wonder about the framework of the implementation and follow-up of the PAG. “(…) The issue of mutual accountability has become a key mode of management of development. “Said Ms. Ginette Mondongou before saying that UNDP is very committed to supporting development initiatives.

The President of Social Watch Benin Gustave ASSAH acknowledged the good will of the government otherwise the workshop will not take place. “The organization of this great event of giving and receiving would never have been a reality if the government through the Office of Analysis and Investigation (BAI) had not collaborated with Social Watch Benin to retain the date of November 30. He had acknowledged. He also thanked OSIWA for its financial support and said that this meeting is very important for development “The issue of the Government Action Program (PAG) for Benin is so serious that outside the monitoring mechanism implemented by the government, it is important that grassroots citizens also organize themselves to follow independently. He explained

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Mr Johannes Dagnon, the coordinator of the Bureau of Analysis and Investigation reassured him that the project “Citizen Watch of the Program of Action of the Government (PAG) of Benin” will benefit from the support of the government. “We are fully willing to share with you the necessary information and to collect your criticisms and suggestions. He hinted.

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“The role of citizen watch is imposed on every citizen, which is why the Economic and Social Council has agreed to accompany the Social Watch network Benin. Explained the representative of the Economic and Social Council (CES) Lawani Arouna who started the work.

It should be noted that the workshop will be organized around three communications. It will be closed by the presentation of the major conclusions around 18 hours.

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