BENIN: Lassa virus returns to Benin

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And here is the Lassa virus haemorrhagic fever in Benin. After the episodes of 2014, 2016 and 2017, this virus is announced once again in Benin.

According to information obtained from the Atacora Departmental Health Department and made public by Agence Benin Presse (ABP) in the early afternoon of Tuesday, January 16, 2018, the disease resurfaced in the commune of Boukoumbé where two cases of Lassa virus fever (one deceased and one critical condition) were recorded.

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“According to an emergency point made by the Atacora Departmental Health Department, the first case was recorded on January 8th. The patient, a resident of Nadoba, a border town of Togo was received in the final state at the Saint de Dieu hospital in Tanguiéta.

He died just after the harvest. The analyzes have confirmed it as a positive case of Lassa, says the source, “informs the ABP. The second case recorded, “was received this Monday, January 15 at the health center of Boukoumbé, in a very critical vaccination status with very clear signs of Lassa fever,” adds the ABP to whom the Chief Public Health Service of the Atacora, Dr. Salifou Sourakatou said: “We are in Lassa epidemic”.

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To circumscribe the epidemic, arrangements have been made for the identification and establishment of contact cases for their follow-up.

“There was also the standardization of the isolation room for cases in the hospital, the requisition of a care team and the activation of epidemic management committees and rapid interventions,” reassured the DDS. Other actions are envisaged, adds the ABP.

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