BENIN: The International Solar Alliance To Reduce The Energy Deficit    

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Benin Federal Government has announced its readiness to reduce high cost on power consumption and poor supply with enhanced Solar technology. 

The government is working to end the load shedding and offer quality energy to people at lower cost. In this context, the creation of the International SolarAlliance (ISA) will bring together the countries whose territory is located, in whole or in part, between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, and which benefit from a high sun exposure.

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The objective of this Benin government project is to significantly increase the production of solar electricity while reducing the costs of the technologies used.

The International Solar Alliance will contribute to the global effort to combat global warming, and promote renewable and sustainable energy, in accordance with the objectives of COP 21, according to the Council of Ministers of 29 November 2017.

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“Our country, signatory of the Statutes of the ASI since August 03, 2017, has a certain interest to ratify them to be able to benefit from the opportunities of partnership and financing which result from it,

“says the statement of the Council of Ministers. It is an initiative within the framework of the implementation of the flagship projects of the Government Action Program which put a particular emphasis on renewable energies, with the construction of solar power plants.

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The draft decree establishing the framework agreement for the creation of this International Solar Alliance has been sent to the National Assembly for authorization of ratification. 
Boniface CAKPO

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