Benin – Father Julien Pénoukou: “there is a fundamental problem”

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Following the government’s ban on religious demonstrations on public roads, Julien Pénoukou, national chaplain of cadres and politicians and president of the Christian Catholic Governance Observatory, held a meeting with the group on Monday, January 30, 2017. Press “The Matinal”. Read the full story below.
How do you appreciate the decision of the Government prohibiting religious manifestations occupying public roads?

I thank you for the question you are asking me, and certainly all those around the minister and elsewhere are asking. I can say that this is really disturbing. What is disturbing? The way. I think we need to review how we intervene and manage men.

You really have to be careful to manage this country. I am not a lecturer, but I notice a number of things that are beginning to get me concerned and worrying. And I have many other examples to advance on this plan with all due respect to our authorities. As regards the Way of the Cross, I have several observations to make.

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The Way of the Cross or other religious manifestations since we talked about the Muslim brothers and sisters who were dismissed manu militari; That’s what they said.
When you want to do something like this, you have to have the delicacy to approach the authorities concerned to exchange with them and also to put them to use because they are better situated to explain to their faithful and the Minister of Justice Is also part of the faithful to explain the new jets of reform that we have.

We can not get up and then make decisions and tell us now that there is not this, there is not that, but we will. If it is to reveal Benin and realize a new Benin, we all agree but there is a way of doing it.

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So if we want to draw the consequences of what you have just told me that there will be no more demonstrations on the public road; What events? If it is installation and appropriation of the public road; But if one can not go in procession to go from one place to another, cross a street to go in another street; Not even in our own church so I think there will be even more demonstrations of support for the government.

Yes, we knew that but there are parishes that have spaces that cross the streets. We go from one street to the other to do processions. I’m talking about the details. In any case, I am at the level of principles and I say the streets is not a caricature. To go to the cemetery with the coffins, we must no longer pass because we only pass. We do not settle; We do not take ownership.

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One can no longer pass to bury these dead; We can no longer pass for demonstrations of support to the government and then nothing on the streets? No ! No ! I think there is a fundamental problem. Let us sit down because we should not create unnecessary tensions. I want us to respect each other and take the time because all that is done without time is not respected by time.
Transcribed by Mohamed Amoussa (Stag)

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