Atiku Abubakar Said Nigeria Seems More Separated Than Before

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previous Vice-President Atiku Abubakar has said Secession dangers, between ethnic discontent and detest discourse have taken Nigeria into a division that has most likely never been experienced.

Atiku made the statement at the 40th commemoration of the Federal Government College Okigwe, Imo State on Saturday, noticed that all tribes of the country required each other to accomplish wanted objectives.

“This celebration is coming at a critical time in our country’s history,” he said. “All of you must be aware of the recent agitations from different parts of the country, with some groups threatening violence and, in some cases, secession. These agitations are the result of a number of factors which I will not bother going into at this time, although since you are all enlightened men and women, I have no doubt that you are well and fully aware of what they are.

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“As a result of these various forces, the Nigeria of today appears more divided than it has ever been before. Our country is not at war in the sense of guns and bombs, but the level of inter-ethnic discontent, hatred, and hate speech is at an all-time high.”

As of late, Nigeria has been involved in referendum calls especially from the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, in the South-eastern part of the country.

The secessionist development which requires an autonomous territory of Biafra, a republic that existed for around three years amid the Nigerian civil war, was in September assigned terrorist group by the Nigerian government.

To control the strain which has emerged from IPOB disturbance and that of different gatherings, numerous Nigerians have called for rebuilding of the political framework.

The previous Vice President, Atiku Abubaka, who was spoken to at the event by his media counsel, Paul Ibe, underscored the requirement for solidarity among various ethnic gatherings instead of a rebuild of the nation.

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“You know from personal experience that the Hausa man’s problem is not the Igbo man, that the Igbo man’s problem is not the Yoruba man, that the Yoruba man’s problem is not the Hausa man, etc.

“You know the beauty of unity, of living together as brother and sister, in the same dormitory, in the same classroom, of belonging to the same house and working towards the same goal, whether it be winning a medal during inter-house sports competitions or a prize during a quiz competition. You know that, at those critical times when everyone’s eye is on the goal, the Hausa and Igbo and Yoruba need one another, must depend on one another to achieve.”

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Following the foundation of the school and other national government universities to a cognizant move by the then military organization to advance solidarity after the common war, Mr. Abubakar who is likewise the fabulous benefactor of the school, charged the students to assume up the liability of reestablishing the lost transcendence of the country.

“My dear students and alumni of the Federal Government College, Okigwe, Nigeria needs you at this hour. The glory of what was begun here 40 years ago must not be allowed to die. It must be propagated throughout all our country. That is a responsibility that you must all meditate on as you celebrate with one another over the next few days of this grand occasion.

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