April Fool: Father Pranks His Son By Saying He’s Bought Him An iPhone – But Its Just An Apple And A Paper Phone

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On April Fools’ Day you’d probably expect children to be pranking their parents – but one dad has turned the tables this year.

Comedian Joe Heenan’s children must have thought it was their lucky day when he gifted them an iPhone.

But the trickster then shared a photograph on Twitter of their disappointed faces after they had opened the box – to find a note inside saying ‘April Fool! Ha ha!’

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One Twitter use wrote: ‘I don’t even care if this is a set up because those kids are genuinely disappointed in you about something & that’s funny.’

While another added: ‘Awh! So mean! When they eventually get their iPad I hope they run up a £1000 bill on Plants Vs Zombies!’

And it’s not just his children he is playing pranks on today – Joe also tweeted a picture of his forlorn dog next to a drawing of a bone, to which one Twitter user replied: ‘that dog is giving you the same look as your kids give you….’

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And he even put a whoopee cushion in her dog bed.

No doubt Joe will be watching his back for years to come, as his children are sure to get their revenge – especially as it’s not the first time they have bore the brunt of his jokes.

On World Book Day, the Scottish comedian sent his kids to school dressed up as pages from an Argos catalogue.

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