Any Attempt To Arrest Nnamdi Kanu Will Be Disastrous, The Consequences Will Be Far Reaching – Asari Dokubo

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Asari Dokubo Warns Nigeria On Any Attempt To Arrest Nnamdi Kanu

The Leader of the Niger Delta People’s Liberation Force (NDPLF), Mujahid Asari Dokubo, has warned the Nigerian government and it’s handlers about the dangers inherent in the idea of rearresting Nnamdi Kanu as being rumored by the Nigerian media. He warned that to even think of Kanu’s re-arrest is dangerous on it’s own, not to talk of out the threat of re-arresting  him on the command of Arewa Youths, while Arewa youths moves about freely.

The thing the Cabal brought back from London which they said is Mohammadu Buhari (which I doubt so much) requires blood and the Nigerian government are making plans to spill blood in order to appease it and keep it going. The only way blood will flow, will be the rearrest or any attempt to rearrest Nnamdi Kanu. Killing us is a game, it’s fun to them. But killing their own people pinches them a little. Because the people who gave us a quit notice, that any of us found in their land after October 1st will be killed, are walking as free men,” said Dokubo.

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He bemoaned the fact that the world has suddenly lost their vision and pretend not to be seeing what is going on in Biafraland. “I was reading about the top richest black people in the world and  the Nigerians there has nothing to show as their source income. Adenuga of Globacom was given PTDF money by Atiku Abubakar when he was vice president. Alakija, Aliko Dangote were all given money from Biafraland and therefore should be arrested by EFCC if they have been serious with anti corruption war. They discovered nothing, they invented nothing they did nothing,” he added.

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Mujahid Asari Dokubo warned that any attempt or mistake to arrest Nnamdi Kanu will be calamitious and it’s consequences will reverberate all over the world.

While addressing Biafrans in Aba on sunday the 27th of August 2017, Kanu had declared that anybody coming to Biafraland to arrest him should first write his Obituary as he or she will not leave Biafraland alive.

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Nnamdi Kanu and all Biafrans has been asking for referendum to determine if Biafrans want to remain in Nigeria. However, the Nigeria government and media have been deceiving the gullible, equating the call for referendum as a call for war. It is only in Nigeria that a call for referendum is tantamount to war.

On the other hand, Arewa youths who committed treason by threatening their fellow countrymen with genocide and quit notice are still moving about freely, while Nnamdi Kanu has who committed no offense has been singled out for arrest.


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