Another view of the disgrace of Rochas okorocha

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Video interpretation by Debekeme Egberi

What happened in London today at Chattam House was very interesting between Okorocha and a fearless IPOB dude! For those who could not watch the video let me try and explain as I can.

Mallam Okorocha was oon the stage addressing men and women in the Chattam hall filled with some prominent Igbo leaders and white men, the IPOB guy came out with Biafra flag(the same size like an handkerchief) and started asking Okorocha to tell the world the truth on how he’s killing people that he Okorocha is supposed to protect in Imo state, Okoroch: asked him “Ibudi onye Igbo?”(“are you and Igbo?”).

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The IPOB: nke’m na asu obu gini?(this one am speaking what is it). Okorocha: do you know who I am?. The IPOB: You are a Murderer!. At this moment Okorocha out of shame started smiling and the IPOB guy asked him, did you think that I came here to smile with you? This is where people now started holding and begging the guy

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