Angola’s Social Renewal Party Picks 3 Candidates, Schedules National Congress

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Angola’s Social Renewal Party (PRS) has scheduled its congress for 29, 30 and 31 May, but so far the Organizing Committee has not officially received any candidacy.

Meanwhile, VOA learned from a PRS source that the economist Sapalo Antonio, the former member of the PRS Government, João Baptista Nandagina, and Benedito Daniel are in the race for leadership. Daniel has been taking the leadership of the party because President Eduardo Kuangana is sick.

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“The congress has already been convened, the municipal and provincial commissions have been set up, we are waiting for candidacies for the presidency and on May 29th, 30th and 31st we will see who gets the best,” explained Manuel Muxito, coordinator of the Organizing Committee.

Of the three names considered to the succession of Eduardo Kuangana, Sapalo Antonio says to have the machine tuned, but not only for the party. “My goal is not just to be president of PRS, but my goal is to go further, to achieve the leadership of the country,” he told VOA.
Both João Ngandagina and Benedito Daniel prefer to speak only after the formal submission of their candidacies to the Organizing Committee. The PRS is the third party force in the parliamentary opposition with three seats in the National Assembly.

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