Angola to Increase Salt Production

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Luanda — Angolan authorities have estimated an increase in salt production capacity from 110,000 to 440,000 tonnes over the next five years, the Angolan minister of Fisheries and the Sea, Vitória de Barros Neto said on Tuesday, in Luanda.

This figure presupposes a 300 percent increase in the current production capacity (110,000 tons), which the holder of the portfolio already considers sufficient “to cover the direct consumption needs of the national citizens”. To achieve this goal, the country will have to produce 66,000 tons of salt annually (in five years).

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The Minister of Fisheries, speaking to the press, on the fringes of the meeting of the Economic Commission of Council Cabinet, said that the realization of this purpose will necessarily involve a concerted effort with the private sector. With these measures, she explained, it is intended that the country achieve self-sufficiency for domestic consumption and create surpluses for export to neighboring countries and other international markets interested in the Angolan salt. Regarding aquaculture, she said that there is a desire to implement small production, mainly communal aquaculture, including rural families, to employ young people and women. The private sector should carry out plans, such as construction of fishing yards and ship building and repair, said the minister, who predicts the growth in aquaculture activity, with emphasis on fish farming of tilapia and catfish.

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