American Citizens Hails Biafrans’ Passionate Support To Donald Trump

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A good number of citizens of the United States of America has hailed the incredible support the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, lavished on Mr. Donald Trump, the 45th President elect of the United States of America, during the period of his campaign for the Presidency.

Millions of Biafrans all over the world have within the past one year wielded an indomitable support for Trump to succeed Barrack Obama as the President of the United States. A disposition which generated a wide range of criticisms from millions of Nigerians who supports Hillary Clinton, including the Nigerian government who have been accused of spending billions of dollars in support of the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Shawn Branch, an American citizen from Texas couldn’t withhold his astonishment at the level of influential support Donald Trump recorded among Biafrans from a far away land.
    “Some of the Biafrans go a little more crazy than other Trump supporters. CRAZY. I kept thinking Biafra, Biafra, Biafra,” Mr. Shawn posted on his facebook page that has a lot of Biafran followers.
     He went further to disclose that while he differ with Biafrans on the support to Donald Trump, he is however in love with the passion of Biafrans, hence his refusal to disclose his political stance regarding his support to any of the Presidential candidates.

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    “While disagreeing with Biafrans over Trump, I stayed focused on Biafra so as not to lose sight of why I connected with Biafrans. I can’t say it’s been easy.


    “The Biafrans are a passionate people and you have blood thirty Muslims in Nigeria trying to quench that passion. It needs to end.
    “You Biafrans are the main reason why I did not want to mention who I voted for or whether I voted at all. You tend to go crazy,” Shawn Branch stated.

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Meanwhile another American activist and a staunch supporter of the freedom of Biafra, Mary Helen Bernstein, expressed her joy over the victory of Donald Trump, noting that his overwhelming victory represents freedom to all indigenous people held by the chains of subjugation, more especially that of Biafra.

   “YES OH MY GOD I AM SO HAPPY PRESIDENT TRUMP… Normalcy to return to us…the world…after Hell for 8 years…the Indigenous People to have some help finally,
     “Let him in the new Father of our Nation… Yes… Helping his tormented people to be free and others… Praise God! I have prayed all day for this miracle..,” Mary Bernstein posted on her facebook page.

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   Mary Helen Bernstein had earlier last month written a heart-rending letter to Donald Trump pleading that he look into the subjugation and inhuman treatments being meted out on Biafrans by the Nigerian government when he must have become the President.
Also, Among the American citizens who are staunch Donald Trump supporters and deeply in love with Biafra restoration are Rosie Segura, who has adopted the Biafran name- ‘OMALICHA'(BEAUTY) to her name; as well as Candy Stallworth, who continuously attended Donald Trump rallies with “Free Biafra” customised bill board and flag, interviewing some top members of the Republican party and educating them about Biafra restoration.

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