Ambondrona 2018 Tour – Reunion with two new concerts

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Ambondrona continues to create the event with the announcement of each of his concerts. For his return to Antsahamanitra the group and is gearing up for two new concerts. Became a phenomenon on its own after 17 years of existence, Ambondrona always likes to surprise his fans.

A large community of faithful who grows continuously, which now houses within it a new generation and still remains on the alert to the announcement of an event by the group.

True to himself, Ambondrona intends to begin briskly this year, inviting people of all backgrounds to join in Antsahamanitra on 24 and 25 March.

Two exceptional concerts large and looming quite as spectacular as the previous ones, this is what the reserve group for its thousands of fans on the occasion.

The band Kix, Beranto, Honty White and Ranto, which will revive the sacred flame, animating his fans of the first hour for his return to Antsahamanitra but also surprise the younger generation by displaying an electrifying performance.

“We have always enjoyed this proximity we have with the public and Antsahamanitra remains our favorite scene for this. Each concert will be unique, but both have a common point.

It refines a new formula, which no doubt will delight the public, “said Beranto. An ode to the fans The beginnings of a long national and international tour, these two concerts of three hours each, promise to amaze an audience of all ages.

Juggling between nostalgia and novelty, Ambondrona brighten the scene Antsahamanitra of that magic that transcends the fans of the first hour, but also new. The craze is such that each announcement of an event, tickets are selling like hot cakes in just a few days.

“Within the group, there is as much surprised by this timeless and mutual love that animates our fans. This is why, when the opportunity arises, it is full of energy to the idea to sing our gratitude to them, “said Kix.

Ambondrona, which over the ANSN is getting a makeover to each of its rhythmic concerts of his pop-rock ballads.

Beranto adding “This is a program that is prepared for these two days Antsahamanitra. Just like what we have already done at the Antsonjombe Coliseum or at the Palais des Sports, these two concerts will be just as warm and sensational. “Andry Patrick Rakotondrazaka

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