Male And Female Arsonists, Set Fire To Hundreds Of Roofs In Ambohimiera

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A hundred roofs were literally reduced to ashes in Ambohimiera, Ifanadiana district. The hunt for arsonists is underway.

Criminal fire. Dahalo, including women, armed with Kalashnikovs and ax, set fire to hundreds of roofs in Ambohimiera, Ifanadiana district, Vatovaty Fitovinany region.

This devastating fire broke out Sunday at 6am. Each of our sources of information has its figure for the balance of the tragedy.

The gendarmerie has counted two hundred and twenty nine ravaged homes and nine stolen zebu, while the member for that district.

Lova Narivelo Razafindrafito established three hundred and fifty eight rooms, including calcined school and church and six stolen cattle. There were no deaths or injuries, however, according to reports.

“The villagers immediately hid in the forest, once the dahalo came to the village,” said the parliamentarian. A series of shots rang out at the scene and firefights between four local police outpost in dahalo lasted thirty minutes.

“We’ve seen a little further and have ventured closer after the departure of ruthless bandits”, said a teacher of a college Ambohimiera in a telephone interview. According to the statement of the elements of law enforcement, the village was completely destroyed.

“We helped each other to save all that we have been able to remove the chairs, blankets and food that have not been burned,” said a warrant officer, reached by telephone. A dozen bullet casings used by dahalo were collected during excavation operations.

According to information dispatched by our interlocutor, the number of victims amounted to three hundred thousand people who are for the homeless hour.

The Squadron Leader Herilalatiana Andrianarisaona, communication department head and relationships with institutions (CPRS) of the National Gendarmerie said yesterday that arsonists were caught in possession of a Kalashnikov rifle and some ammunition during a mop.

“The bandits are headed west, in the forest Ambalakindresy near Vohiparara where their hideout,” he reported. The investigation of the captive still continues. Hajatiana Leonard

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