The Ambassador In Brussels Attends The European External Action Service

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The ambassador in Brussels attends the European External Action Service the Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea in Brussels, Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, visited the headquarters of the European External Action Service of the European Commission in Brussels on Wednesday, 18 October, to To maintain a meeting with the leadership of the Central African Division, formally expressing its protest to the European Union (EU) for the meeting held a few days ago with the representatives of the opposition equatorial, members of political parties Illegal and found, voluntarily, outside the equatorial Constitution.

The ambassador handed over the meeting an official letter in which one could read that “through an agreement signed in 2015 between the opponent Severo Moto, former MEP Fernando Maura and the ambassador of Equatorial Guinea in Brussels, Mr. Moto was formally invited” To enter equatorial Guinea and participate in the political activity equatorial, accepting all the conditions and demands of it. However, at the last moment, Mr. Moto refused to travel alluding to absurd reasons of personal mistrust.

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That said, Nvono-Ncá clarified throughout the meeting that equatorial Guinea is ready to improve and strengthen relations with the EU, but always within the framework of dialogue rather than imposition.

The President of Equatorial Guinea, H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, accepted in 2015 all the demands of Mr. Moto, which demonstrates a broad democratic spirit.

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The EU also showed interest in the painter Ramón Nse, allegedly detained in equatorial Guinea. In view of this fact, the Ambassador clarified that he did not have any official information in reference to it.

However, he clarified that, because of the information poured into the social networks in this regard, “this artist clearly did not differentiate between freedom of expression and freedom of defamation against a head of state.”

In any country, the corresponding judicial system or the corresponding security forces would react accordingly to a similar fact, always respecting the legal frameworks.

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Finally, the EU was concerned with respect for human rights. To this, the ambassador made it clear that “there is no country in the world that is an example of perfect human rights.”

We all have to improve on this point, I do not think that equatorial Guinea deserves a special mention in this regard. “If we talk about improving human rights we have to refer to all countries.”

Source: Embassy of equatorial Guinea in Brussels
Office of Information and press of Equatorial Guinea

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