Although We Have Individual Projects, The Group Will Not Be Discarded – Zona 5

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In recent months, some members of Zona 5 have been involved in solo projects, after this initiative, several rumors circulated around the situation, the most vocal being the possible initiative to separate the group. Abd, Bruno Ag, Fabious, G.M. and Obie finally broke the silence and clarified the situation during an exclusive interview with AngoRussia.

The group has announced that it still has many projects in its portfolio, including the fifth album planned for the next few years, but during the course, the public may still have many surprises, among them, individual recordings of each member, Zone 5. According to GM, some ideas make more sense, when singed alone, or with other singers who are not in the group, hence the need for what happened.

 "There are individual ideas that maybe do not marry the group, look better on the individual, then the group supports. We all have individual songs, they will soon be available, but it does not mean that the group will cease to exist, "reassured G.M.

Fabious, assured that the brotherhood was always the bond that for 12 years helped the group to remain lit, this time, the union will prevail. On the other hand, Obie, made it known that if the group ceases to exist, they will make an announcement to the press, while it does not happen, everything else can be given as speculation.

"The fact that each has individual projects does not mean that it is an initiative to move away from the group, the group will only disband when we invite the press and publicly say that the group destroyed, which is far from happening because we are very united, "Obie said.

Remember that this Saturday (18), Zona 5, were in the Independence Square for sale and autograph session of their fourth album “Lubertuz”.

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By: Garcia Alberto

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