Algerians in Major Protests for 8th Friday Demanding Figures of System to Leave

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Photo: Lisa Bryant /VOA
Algerians protested at the Place de la Republique in central Paris against Bouteflika’s intention to seek another term in office.

Algiers — The popular marches continued in Algiers and across the country’s provinces, for the 8th Friday in a row, chanting the same slogans demanding “radical change” and the departure of the “figures of the system,” reported APS journalists.

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Like the previous Fridays, the first groups of demonstrators started to pour into Algiers Streets, the main Post Office esplanade and Maurice Audin Place, their favorite place of rally since the first marches on February 22nd.

This Friday’s marches come in the wake of the appointment of Abdelkader Bensalah as head of state in accordance with Article 102 of the Constitution. Bensalah summoned the electorate for 4 July 2019 to elect a new President of the Republic.

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