ALGERIA: The reasons for the absence of Algeria from G5 Sahel

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The joint military force of the G5 Sahel countries with a capacity of 5,000 men, will be operational by mid-March 2018, without Algeria. This country is one of the pivots in the fight against terrorism in Africa.

“Algerians know how to get around terrorism without going beyond their borders” (Alaya Alani, Tunisian specialist of Salafist movements)

The decision of Algeria not to participate in the establishment of the G5 Sahel is not trivial. Algiers wants to remain faithful to a constitutional principle, that of not engaging troops outside the country. A doctrine criticized by some of its neighbors.

“Algeria is targeted by some outside powers in a likely destabilization of the regime as a second meeting of the Arab Spring,” said Tunisian expert Alaya Alani, a specialist in Salafist movements. According to him, Algeria has its own problems and is faced with a dilemma: ” how to get around the problem of terrorism without going beyond their borders”.

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However, the absence of Algeria will not prevent the G5 Sahel’s joint force from continuing its activities, replies the Nigerian Minister of National Defense. Kalla Moutari believes that the group would be open to any new membership from any country.

“It is a project of the five African countries that carry it. If a country shows interest in joining, especially Algeria, I do not see how Africans would not accept it. If a country like Algeria agrees to finance us, I do not see how we would not accept it. Everyone is welcome, ” tempers Kalla Moutari.

The strategy of Algeria
According to the Algerian online site, TSA-Algeria, even if it never deploys its troops abroad, Algeria contributes differently to the fight against the jihadists who scour the region. In addition to information sharing, Algiers is one of the pillars of the Military Staff Committee, Cemoc based in Tamanrasset, in the south of the country.

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In recent years, the country has spent at least one hundred million dollars (about 85 million euros) to help five countries in the Sahel subregion. An aid that allowed to form a dozen special forces companies and give them huge equipment, according to still TSA-Algeria.

It is still Algeria that sponsored, in June 2015, inter-Malian peace talks that culminated in the signing of an agreement, called “Agreement of Algiers”. Even if the implementation of this agreement tramples, it shows the degree of commitment of Algiers in the fight against the jihadists in the Sahel Saharan band.

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According to our information, Algiers is nervous about having to collaborate with foreign troops, especially French, in the fight against jihadists.

Note that the French Minister of Armed Forces, Florence Parly, met Monday in Paris his counterparts of the joint military force of the G5 Sahel countries: Chad, Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania.

The meeting allowed the participants to adopt a clear roadmap. With the aim of increasing the strength of this force by 5,000 men by mid-March 2018. On 23 February 2018, another meeting of donors is planned in Brussels. Objective: to raise the funds necessary for the functioning of the G5 Sahel. Because the overall budget estimated at 400 million euros, is not yet covered.

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