AFRICAN UNION: Morocco joins the Peace and Security Council

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Unsurprisingly, Morocco was elected a member of the Peace and Security Council (PSC) on Friday 26 January following a vote by the Foreign Ministers of (AU) to renew two-thirds of this Council.

He won this seat with 39 votes, more than two thirds of the total voters. No country vetoed it but there were still 16 abstentions. "We won despite the sabotage actions to get in the way. A sabotage that lasted until the last minute, just before the elections to prevent us from having the two-thirds necessary to win, "said the Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nasser Bourita, at the exit of the voting room.

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Without naming it, the minister alludes to Algeria , former holder of this two-year siege, who did not want to run again, preferring to run for the three currently held by Egypt until 2019.

Nasser Bourita hailed "recognition of the action" of Mohammed VI on the continent "but also the contribution of Morocco to peacekeeping actions in Africa".

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On the sidelines of this summit, Morocco organized an exhibition retracing the history of the contribution of its royal armed forces to peacekeeping operations in Africa as well as its humanitarian actions. The staff of the Moroccan army dispatched two of its senior officers to explain to visitors this story that goes back to the 1960s through its contribution to the peacekeeping operation in the Belgian Congo.

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Apart from Morocco, nine new member countries have joined the CPS. West Africa is now represented by Liberia, Sierra Leone and Togo and Central Africa by Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. It is Rwanda and Djibouti that will carry the voice of East Africa in this Council. While Southern Africa will be represented by Zimbabwe and Angola, two countries that have experienced a change of president and want to invest more in AU activity.

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