Alarm – Nigeria Government Set To Launch Radio Biafra International In Aba, Owerri And Igweocha Today

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Having tried to jam radio Biafra signal for 3 years without any breakthrough, the Muhammadu Buhari led federal government of Nigeria in conjuction with South East collaborators is set to launch a fake radio Biafra international in Aba, Enyimba city, Imo State and Igweocha (Portharcourt) today, the 22 of November 2017.

This the federal government and it’s advisers believe will be the last straw that break the Camel’s back. According to an anonymous informer in government who submitted this timely information to, this radio launch is a desperate move to curtail the raging Biafra agitation spreading like a wild fire.

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The Buhari federal government inspired pirate radio Biafra is expected to broadcast on CHK 105.3FM. This radio station will be fighting against the efforts Of Nnamdi Kanu led IPOB in the coming days.

More to follow soon.

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