Alarm – Nigeria Gov’t Floods Market With Deadly Dangote Rice

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Alarm: Nigeria government in conjunction with Dangote floods Nigerian market with deadly GMO Dangote poisonous Rice

Alarm… Dangote and Nigerian government have flooded Nigerian market with GMO rice, please note: eating GMO rice is as worst as eating rice laced with rat poison popularly known as sniper in Nigeria, that is extremely dangerous to human body, GMO products are banned all over Europe due to its deadly effects. (Please SHARE this INFORMATION to create awareness and save lives).


The dangers of genetically modified food to the health and the environment surpasses the advantages.

Those that stand to gain are the multinational biotech companies controlling food supply around the world and they will eventually force the local farmers out of the market.
Some Genetically Modified products are modified using bacteria and viruses, thus there is fear that there could be an emergence of new diseases.

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GMOs are said to increase the risk of certain cancers, such as leukemia, lymphoma, brain tumors, breast cancer and prostate cancer.

According to studies carried out by the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) on GM foods, it showed organ damage, gastro intestinal and immune system disorders, including accelerated aging and infertility in lab animals.

Research has identified that toxins emanating from GMOs have been found in maternal and fetal blood. Other compounds are also found in genetically modified foods that trigger early puberty and infertility. The DNAs of GMO can be passed to humans that consume them.
Dependency on foreign companies that created and control GM foods and agricultural practices is another point of consideration by its introduction.

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There is a possibility that introducing a gene into a plant may create a new allergen or cause an allergic reaction in susceptible individuals.



A proposal to incorporate a gene from Brazil nuts into soybeans was abandoned because of the fear of causing unexpected allergic reactions. Extensive testing of GM foods may be required to avoid the possibility of harm to consumers with food allergies.

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A major disadvantage of this technology is the contamination of natural varieties due to the wind causing pollen drift. Farmers that utilize these products as well as agencies that would supposedly “regulate” them cannot guarantee natural varieties would not become contaminated.

There is also a growing concern that introducing foreign genes into food plants may have an unexpected and negative impact on human health.




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