Akwa Ibom State Governor Escape Death In Uyo Church Collapse

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The social media and all news portals has been awash with stories of a Church auditorium collapse in Nigeria Oil producing city of Uyo, in Akwa Ibom State.

Saturday, 11th of December, 2016 is a day the people of Uyo in Akwa Ibom will never forget in a hurry.

An insider close to the venue of the collapse who pleaded anonymity, reliably reported to Afroinsider that even the number one citizen of state Governor Udom Emmanue,l escaped death from the collapse.

Meanwhile, the collapse of Snagogue Church of all Nations in Lagos Nigeria collapse, which killed hundreds of people including tens of South African Nationals, has been swept under the carpet with no one convicted for the avoidable carnage.

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“This is becoming one death too many. Has anyone been convicted of the TB Joshua’s Synagogue church collapse sometime ago?
Nigeria: A country with no law and no polices.” A concerned nigerian wrote on facebook.

“A country with no building policy. People would just wake up and erect structures the way they want.With no town planning authority approval.
And even when the town planning authority gives their approval, they do not monitor the structure to see whether the structure complied with the building plan.They just collect money and approve, without taking steps to ensure compliance.
Do we even have quantity surveyors in Nigeria? Do we have people that ensure that the builder mixes the mortar and concrete with the correct measurements?

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People just build houses and structures the way they want.And why is it that both the pastors that commission substandard structures and the engineers that build those killer structures are never actually prosecuted or convicted for manslaughter?

Why is the govt not punishing those that either by commission or omission kill hundreds of people?I do not wish the Akwa Ibom Governor death but if it requires him to be jolted and shaken for the government to be more serious about building structures, policies and laws, so be it.”  He said.

However, the truth must be told, Nigeria is a fraud, and everything about is a fraud. A country where anything goes as long as money in the form of bribe has exchanged hands. What a shame!

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