Again, Heavy Post Election Violence Hits Kenya

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Violence erupts in Kenya as Opposition Party President RAILA Odinga claims Uhuru Kenyatta has rigged elections by hacking Computers at the totalling Center.

The figures at the Constituencies are not matching with the figures at the totalling centres.
19 registered voters in Kenya, and the turnout was good, many People casted their votes.

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This happened in Zambia too, Emmanuel Mwamba was in a hotel with a computer which was linked to the totalling Center, he had a pass words and was able to manipulate figures. The ECZ was announcing figures which didn’t match.

This is the time to appeal to African UNION and SADC to change the way elections are conducted in Africa. This will help to Promote DEMOCRACY in AFRICA. It will also help to save lives, to alleviate poverty and CORRUPTION. A PROSPEROUS AFRICA will emerge once AFRICAN UNION CLEAN UP THEIR HOUSE.

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