African Lion Military Exercise 2017 – Moroccan, And US Forces In Joint Military Manoeuvres

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RABAT MOROCCO –   US Embassy and military sources said Moroccan and US forces are among nearly 1 300 troops from across the world taking part in a major military exercise in southern Morocco.

Military personnel from Britain, France, Germany, Mali, Mauritania, Senegal, Spain and Tunisia are also taking part in the joint manoeuvres known as African Lion 2017.

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The annual exercise began on Wednesday and runs until April 28 around the southern towns of Tifnit and Agadir. It includes land, air and naval elements.

They are led by the Marine Corps Forces Europe and Africa and sponsored by the US Africa Command.

 The manoeuvres aim to improve the operational capacities of the US military and “interoperability” with its partners around the world, the US embassy in Rabat said in a statement.

American and Moroccan forces form the bulk of the troops taking part.

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