Abuja entrepreneur, Charles Okpaleke pledges to sponsor little girl who was chased from school for not paying school fees till her University level

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Copy and share to expose EFCC ….Efcc now waste tax payers money making a case for invincible foreign scam victims who are not aware of the case nor interested in it for personal gain…. Why arrest poor Southern guys without a petition from their victims accusing them of fraud and ready to prove his or her case against them? No complain received from anybody accusing them of fraud just random arrest, keep them in your cells for months, force them to make a statement and enter into an agreement with you to forfeit their belongings including their phones, laptops,sim cards, cars and also siphon their accounts in the name of forfeiting them to Federal Government of Nigeria …. While in efcc custody for months, Efcc have caused emotional traumas to their families, breach their education as majority of them are responsible for their educations and upkeep of their families and also have caused psychological damage to them.. All over the world, cyber crime is investigated through petitions and complains from victims and underground investigation done to link the accuse with the crime before arrest is made and the compliant / victim must also be ready to prove his or her case / follow it up…No one is arrested on mere suspicion of being an internet fraudster or through so called concocted intelligence report in Nigerian Efcc context….. The use of laptops, phones and other telecommunication gadgets are private as they are personal effects and communication between adults through the use of internet is personal until when there is a report or complain of victimization / fraud that is when anti graft agencies like efcc acts as efcc under Ribadu and the rest has always relied on petition and complain from victims to arrest perpetrators of internet fraud in Nigeria after under ground investigation and the complaint or victim will also be invited to prove his or case in court and follow it up for diligent prosecution but ever since Magu took over efcc has become a lawless organization as its officials now acts like thugs hiding behind government backed authority to abuse peoples right, take advantage of them by ripping them off and stripping them off of their assets and properties in the name of Federal Government of Nigeria most especially these poor Southern Nigerian youths accused of cyber crime without identifiable victims…. We had lawless SARS under Buhari before citizens rose against them now we are faced with lawless efcc with enormous power like SARS then and is high time those affected by their ill operation rise against them by resisting arrest, disgracing them and bringing to public notice their barbaric method of operation for personal gain…. When you are accused of cyber crime otherwise called yahoo yahoo in Nigerian context do not feel ashamed, demand to see a petition from your victim accusing you of defrauding him or her , court order for your arrest before submitting yourself for arrest as every crime has a process of investigation and cyber crime is not peculiar to Nigerians alone,in other climes, people are not arrested randomly on mere suspicion rather through a report and complain after discrete investigation is carried out. The use of phones, laptops and sim cards are not prohibited in Nigeria hence, can’t be used as evidence or to conclude that one is into cyber crime and their use are private because they are personal effects.. Do not allow these criminals burg into it in search of evidence and do not hand it over to them, resist their arrest and confront them violently until this barbaric method of operation comes to public light for them to be told not to go after anybody on cyber crime without a report, complain from the person’s victim and court order to investigate the person as this is the ideal way of investigating and arresting one on cyber crime or fraud called yahoo yahoo in Nigerian context … Phones and laptops are now forfeited to Nigerian Government not talking about the cars of these poor guys which is the primary target of this criminal minded efcc officials with whatever money found in their accounts.. Efcc officials knew these guys can’t come back for all these things once they are disgraced as yahoo boys and they also compel them to enter into plea bargain with efcc by pleading guilty and agreeing to forfeit whatever that is recovered from them in order to secure their release or remain in efcc custody for months…. Copy this and share until it becomes a public concern as efcc has turned to SARS going about with their mandate wrongly thereby, infringing on people’s right and taking advantage of them as people do not have right of privacy and citizenship right anymore… Efcc officials takes the cars of these poor guys to their villages, resale their phones and laptops and share monies siphoned from their accounts among themselves with their legal partners and all these are done in the name of Federal Government of Nigeria….. Ibadan boys that are mostly their targets rise up against these monsters and criminals with authority as you can’t be a slave in your country,locality and made to live in fear … With this barbaric method of operation, young Southerners will be afraid of using modern telecommunication gadgets like phones; laptops etc and this will reduce the market in Southern Nigeria and make our youths to be left behind in use of modern technologies.. Whether you are Efcc victim of this barbaric operation or not, copy this write up, share it through whatssapt and other social medias to create awareness as the public must be aware of this abuse of power and barbaric act by efcc

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