73 out-of-school youth start a new projects

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The project “Apprenticeship of young people out of school” was officially launched this Tuesday at the youth house of Amadahomé (suburbs north-east of Lomé) by the Minister of Development at the grassroots, crafts, youth And employment of young people, Ms. Victoire Tomégah-Dogbé followed by the signing of apprenticeship agreements with master craftspeople for the benefit of Togolese youth, a reporter of the Afreepress News Agency noted.

The ceremony was attended by the Representative of the Permanent Council of Chambers of Trade of Togo, Mr. Koffi Dzakas, the Director of the National Agency for Volunteering in Togo (ANVT), Mr. Omar Agbangba, and traditional leaders. In total, there are seventy-three (73) out-of-school youths, including thirty-seven boys and thirty-six (36) girls.

For four (4) years, the project aims to open a door for young people by allowing them to access the trades to prepare their future easily after their mission of volunteer citizen (JDS). “On the instruction of the Head of State, we have launched a new voluntary component which focuses on out-of-school and out-of-school youth. This is the civic engagement of young people who are numerous in our neighborhoods and cities who also want to participate in the development of our community.

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This is a project we launched at the beginning of the year, “said Mrs. Tomégah-Dogbé. Today, according to her, the apprenticeship agreements have been signed for some young people who have not had the chance, for lack of means, to learn a trade in their lives. “The JDS project affects young people in neighborhoods, a category of young people who have inevitably learned a trade and can not afford to open a workshop for their activity.

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It is the state that pays the apprenticeship fees for these young people, which vary from 60,000 to 150,000 CFA francs a year according to the trade school and the state ensures that our young people who are apprenticed receive A subsistence allowance. We know that young people, for want of means, give up because they do not have enough to eat, “she said.

While they hope that these young people will show assiduity, regularity, determination and respect so that at the end of the three (3) or four (4) years of learning, they can also finish, have a Diploma and also receive a tool kit start an activity, the minister did not hide her joy. Implementation of the project is carried out by the Ministry with the collaboration of the regional chambers of trades and the partnership of artisan trainers.

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The Representative of the Permanent Council of Chambers of Trade of Togo, Mr. Dzakas clarified the role that will be the role of the chambers of trades in this project. “Our role is to follow the project, to accompany the bosses and the learners until the end of their apprenticeship”, he noted. “Apprenticeship for out-of-school youth” is a project supported by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). Bernadette A.

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