Meet The Aircraft Named IPOB Two In One Convertible, Built By A Biafran

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Biafran aircraft
The rise of Nnamdi Kanu has awaken the creative spirit of Biafrans. Kanu will always say on radio Biafra while he broadcasted in London, before his detention, that Biafrans are natural born engineers. In recent weeks, we have witnessed a surge in Biafrans showing off their technological ingenuity. One Ephraim Alex Akwaiwu who showcased his master-craft combatant vehicle which is made up of 100% local raw material to Mazi Nnmadi Kanu at Umuahia earlier this week.

Today another Biafran showcased his home made aircraft on facebook with Biafran colors. Though the aircraft is on finishing stages, it’s huge potentials are clearly visible. The aircraft is painted in Biafran colors with the rising son at strategic locations. The photos of the machine which was posted on Radio Biafra Page by Brendon Benson is named

IPOB Convertible 2 In One Aircraft.  This means that the aircraft can serve as a car as well.
Meanwhile, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, after test driving the combatant car brought to him by Alex Akwaiwu, promised to sponsor Biafrans who are into any form of techology or manufacturing. Biafran technological prowess has been relegated to the background by the Nigerian government, but we are in an era where humanity will see a surge in African Indigenous Technology through Biafrans.
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