Photos: Man Filmed Doing A Flag Pole And Hole On Golf Course (Video)

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A man was filmed having s*x with the ninth hole on a golf course while pleasuring himself with the flag pole.


The man was seen by golfer Steven Gayton lying on the grass in the rain with his trousers around his knees. The horny man had a 6ft flag pole sticking out of his bottom region while filming himself at Brackenwood Golf Course in Merseyside yesterday.

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Steven was shocked upon sighting the man and can be heard in the clip, saying: “There’s a lad fing himself, filming it on his phone. He’s filming it on his phone, fing his own a*s. Look at that.”

A short while later, the man placed the flag back into the hole and got up from the ground then pulled his trousers back up.

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As he walks away, he can be seen looking around before casually walking off around the side of a bush.

“He was on his own and it looked like he was doing it for a kick and filming himself doing it,” Steven said.

“From where we was it looked like he had his p***s in the hole while he had the flag in his backside. It’s the most weirdest thing I’ve ever had the misfortune to see.”

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