3 Crocodiles Devour A Zimbabwean Pastor As He Tried To Walk on water

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A Zimbabwean pastor, Pastor Jonathan Mthethwa of a church in White River, Mpumalamga, Zimbabwe, was eaten alive by three crocodiles when he tried to walk on water like Jesus.
The pastor taught his members faith last week and told them that he shall demonstrate faith today by walking on a river.
His members prayed and fasted for one week and today, the members gathered around the river and the pastor attempted to walk on water.
As he was stepping in the water, three crocodiles out of nowhere came and started eating Pastor Jonathan Mthethwa, ate him up live, leaving only his sandals floating on the river.
The pastor read the scripture but did not read that part where the Bible stated that ‘thou shall not tempt the Lord thy God’
I think it was Jesus that made that comment after he fasted 40 days in the wilderness and the devil came to tempt him.
That is why I like Nigerian pastors, they can not try those stunts at all at all.
Meanwhile, why did the good pastor try his miracle on a crocodile infested river?
Didn’t he see small streams he could have tested his ‘faith’ so that even if the faith failed him, he would have just cleaned the water from his body and asked his congregation, ‘ person fit no joke with una?’
Rest in peace sir.

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