2019 Finance Bill Increases Taxes on Vehicle Tax Horsepower

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2019 Finance Bill Increases Taxes on Vehicle Tax Horsepower

Rabat – The 2019 Finance Bill will raise a vehicle circulation fee by MAD 50 to 500.

The added amounts will depend on the tax horsepower of the vehicle.

Vehicles with less than 8 tax horsepower will be taxed at MAD 400 instead of 350 for gas engines. Diesel engines will be taxed at MAD 750 instead of MAD 700, according to L’Economiste.

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Vehicles with tax horsepower between 8 and 10 will be taxed MAD 700 instead of 650 for gas engines, and MAD 1,550 instead of 1,500 for diesel.

The tax will be increased by MAD 200 for cars with tax horsepower between 11 and 14. Vehicles with gas engines will be taxed MAD 3,200 instead of MAD 3,000, while diesel engines will be taxed MAD 6,200 instead of MAD 6,000.

Taxation of luxury cars with 15 tax horsepower and above will increase by MAD 500. Vehicles with gas engines will be taxed MAD 8,500 instead of 8,000, while diesel engines will be taxed MAD 20,500 instead of MAD 20,000.


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