2019 Elections: Southeast Unity In Check – by Bernard Ogbe

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By Bernard Ogbe

When circumstances keep repeating, it becomes a norm, if not checked, graduates to be Tradition…

It’s becoming a tradition that Nigerians see light but prefer romance with darkness.

Most disturbing of it is selling our continence for peanuts while the bulk of our issue based problems are parked up, waiting for rescue.

Our readiness for the change we clamor, becoming totally in doubt.

Going down the memory lane, Nigerians had cried for their monies looted abroad. Then, it could be recalled a popular Nigerian artists ( Oritsefemi – “Tell them say…our eyes don clear “) sang a song to that effect. It became common and known to even children growing that politics is all about looting, using pen to do the theft.

It became so absurd that the integrity of the nation is on the verge of total collapse.

Then it was fun with all the so called Nigeria godfathers that have refused to hide their faces in shame for all the impediments injected on the nation, left in their hands on trust.

They must be saints to pointing accusing fingers to a sitting administration that is showing concerns to proper management of funds and revenues of a nation they failed to place on ground,food security that could last the nation 10 years, in the eventuality of disasters that could have occurred….

At the entry of a new government, the dwindled economy was least to affect living standards terribly the way it did,if food security was a blue print to the achievement of past administrations for 16 years as seen in more developed countries that results to exportation.

Our inability to see beyond the security challenges facing this administration to crediting other aspects sealed with excellent workings can only return us back to Egypt.
Forgetting we are imperfect even in our dealings respectively.

It’s painful using the mishap of killings in some regions of the country to stage campaign for a come back. Why stage campaign with such inhuman scenario when such energy can be channeled in line with the existing administration to curbing the situation. That is believed could popularize them the more in seeking the face of Nigerians (as a purge) owing to the misuse of trust enforced in their control.

The effort of the likes of Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu (in building Peace and Stability in government among Nigerians), the Ohaneze Ndi Igbo (as seen in the last summits held, to proposing a way forward for a better Nigeria free from marginalization) and others in supporting President Muhamadu Buhari’s administration should be emulated by great sons and daughters of Igbo land…

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Marginalization can only be put to a stop when the system in tears of government are balanced ethically. It can only be balanced when we come out in total support of a positive administration and a possible perceived shorter routes to producing a President of a great nation Nigeria of an Igbo extradition, since inception of democracy 1999.

There is no shying away from the fact that, it’s a bothering situation producing an Igbo Presidency….

You may be right knocking me off to say am been tribal but let’s break it down with an advanced illustrations…..

In the United States, after the successful triumph, signing to law of equal rights to live and associate among the blacks and whites, an effort achieved by the fists of then United States President, Abraham Lincoln, it was almost becoming impossible for a black to emerge President of the United States until it became a project of collective hands. My question is, does that collective effort signify tribalism or racism?? It’s believed, President Barack Obama didn’t win the election with just votes from the blacks rather from both race….

The vision was, let’s give the black the opportunity and fairness to contribute to the nation,which became historical.

The truth remains, giving Igbo extradition an opportunity to leading Nigeria as a number one citizen is quite a natural phenomenon.

Deprivation of such sensitive portfolio from a region South East is not far from depriving the sleep to rest of the nation and one thing becomes certain “you can’t cheat nature…. Nature must catch up, and then, you are left with no options but to answer that call of nature…

How prepared is it with the political Titans of the South East to embracing the opportunity presented before them by nature in 2023, is determined by the outcome of the elections come 2019. We have it within our hands to stand for integrity. Permutations could give reasonable insights to what becomes the results of the 2019 general elections and wisdom must be employed to avert the unbearable situations of exclusions from the main stream.

Our quest for fair treatment can’t be achieved when we continually resent in doing what we must do to remain relevant as one among the three most recognized ethnicity of Nigeria…

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We can’t achieve by hating, fighting, backbiting or spreading rumours of fake attributes among ourselves to weaken our strength.

One may ask,why are the Yoruba’s/ Hausa’s not complaining marginalization? Why does it have to be the Igbo’s to cry marginalization among the three densed ethnicity in Nigeria? The answer is not far from lack of unity within. Could it be ascribed to as illiteracy? Are the Northerners more educated or civilized to be more coordinated and unified ?

The Igbo race are very productive and prosperous among sets of Nigerians, educated or not. intelligence, hard work and creativity leads to success and they have it in bulk and are quite industrious. Hence their uniqueness to strive in any regions they find themselves. However, the failure to bringing these qualities into politics in making better policies to enhancing our living is yet to be utilized.

The earlier we realized we are our own setback the better un marginalized we become.

Having the mindset or polluting the media with hate remarks on Igbo leaders, joining efforts with the national body to ensuring fair treatment for the South East is highly questionable. They should be seen as the real traitors to South East developmental growth.

How can we stop complaints against Buhari’s government, positioning his people as key cabinet, when we failed to show concern in supporting his administration?

We’ve tried war through our father Odimegwu Ojukwu of great memories to eradicate marginalizations perceived.

He, in a statement while alive, subjected unity of indivisible Nigeria through his involvement and interest in serving further a Nation he fought against in the past by lifting up an APGA political flag to run for Presidency…. Could he be unreasonable to have done that ?

That, is enough reasons for us to key into the Nigerian politics and have our sons and daughters positioned to speak and bring closer to us all deserved of a fair share of dividends of democracy, which could in return bring marginalization to the minimal…

Why must we believe we can only stop marginalization by fighting the Federal? Whereas other ethnicity enjoys their fair share of Nigeria with their commitments to one indivisible Nigeria?

We are all gifted and unique with different talents in all spheres of life, some hold the gift of fighting physically to achieve their cries while others are talented with peaceful resolutions. All believed, can be geared towards putting a stop to the marginalization that has been the bone of contention leading to the rumbling of groups from the South East.

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It becomes quite unfair to attack Igbo leaders that have seeked consolation in supporting the Buhari’s administration. It’s no doubt a gateway to putting a stop to marginalisation if looked into deeply with clear minds, unbiased.

It’s pitiful when at the corner of a river, yet complains of soap romance with the eyes, which could easily be washed off if common sense is applied…

The integrity exhibited by the Buhari’s administration so far deserves an accolade. (amidst the security challenges which in no distant time is believed would be a thing of the past).

This is an administration that has given us a tip of what we’ve craved for since 1999. Accountability, diligence, no short cuts, no godfatherism (which has turned previous godfathers against the administration) and discipline.

An administration where a sitting Senate President steps down a while for the deputy (to institute a committee) on grievous allegations that could not be swept under the carpet…

Wait a moment…

Is the Senate President of the PDP? maybe you can tell me more about that when you stand to criticize this solemn article but for all known, judging from the turns of events in play by this administration, it can only be deduced that discipline without fear nor favor is a watch word to all sectors of this government. No gullibility in discharge of governance.

I refuse to delve further into ascribing so much dignified, significant attributes and prospects of this administration rather, call on all true Nigerians of Igbo extraditions to shield their hates and look beyond their selfishness to giving this administration an ample time needed to sorting the wrong of the past administration, see this period as a trying time in the foundation build up of Nigeria, that will bring in a President of an Igbo extradition with the consensus of all asunder.

This is my humble contribution in peace and should be seen as such and not a standing hate remarks of unjustified quantifications.

Channel your energy to making suggestions to achieving lasting peace among the people and desist from creating unnecessary tension to seeking popularity at the expense of all.

Bernard Ogbe
Political Activist and Seasonal Writer
bernardogbe@gmail.com (08028956877)

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