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Guinea Bissau

Djibouti – Ambassador Dya-Eddine Saïd Bamakhrama elevated to the rank of Commander in the National Order of 27 June



On Wednesday, on the sidelines of the official visit of a Saudi delegation to Djibouti, Dja-Eddine Saïd Bamakhrama, Ambassador of the Republic of Djibouti, Saudi Arabia, was elevated to the rank of Commander in the National Order of 27 June.

The ambassador was decorated by the Prime Minister, Abdoulkader Kamil Mohamed, who congratulated him on his efficiency in the accomplishment of his missions.

The Prime Minister noted with satisfaction that Ambassador Bamakhrama was working tirelessly to strengthen the friendly relations and cooperation between the Republic of Djibouti and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Recall that Ambassador Bamakhrama accompanied a large Saudi delegation led by Saudi Civil Defense, Souleiman Bin Abdallah Al Amr.

General Souleiman Bin Abdallah Al Amr co-sponsored last Sunday with Prime Minister Abdoulkader Kamil Mohamed a donation ceremony of vehicles donated by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the civil protection corps.

Several members of the government, parliamentarians, representatives of the diplomatic corps, and also the chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, General Zakaria Sheikh Ibrahim, attended the donation ceremony, which consisted of 13 vehicles of fire, 3 tanks with a capacity of 12,000 liters of water each and 3 light ton pump vans, 3 pump-ton vans (FPT), 2 road safety vehicles and 3 ambulances.

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Prime Minister Abdoulkader Kamil Mohamed also awarded the medal of Commander of the National Order on 27 June to honorary consul of Italy in Djibouti, Gianni Rizzo.

The happy recipient is now a Djiboutian citizen. He also runs the private group, called SAVIR, which sells Benetton, Chicco, and many other products on the local market.

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He has been recognized for his contributions to the national development process and to the image of Djibouti abroad.

By raising Mr Gianni Rizzo to the rank of Commander of the National Order of 27 June, the Prime Minister welcomed his initiatives to strengthen bilateral relations between Djibouti and Italy in various fields.

Guinea Bissau

Guinea Bissau -President José Mário Vaz Appoints Six New Ambassadors



The Guinea-Bissau President has appointed six new Ambassadors to Guinea-Bissau on Friday to hold functions in Belgium, Nigeria, Algeria, Ethiopia, Guinea-Conakry and The Gambia.

José Mário Vaz appointed Carlos Edmilson Marques Vieira as Guinean ambassador to Ethiopia, Ernesto Muntaga Djaló for Guiné-Conacri, Henrique Adriano Silva for Nigeria, Pedro Maria Mendes da Costa for Algeria and Bailo Cassamá for The Gambia. The Ambassador Henrique Adriano Silva

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Is in the position of representing Guinea-Bissau to the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). Similarly, Ambassador Carlos Edmilson Marques Vieira holds the position of Representative of Guinea-Bissau to the African Union.

In two other presidential decrees, the Guinean president exonerated from office the ambassadors of Guinea-Bissau in Brazil and in France, respectively Eugénia Pereira Saldanha de Araújo and Hilia Garez Gomes Lima Barber. For their places new figures will be named berevemente, as the GBissau learned from a governmental source.

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Via Gbissau!

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Guinea Bissau

Guinea Bissau – The Moment Head of Government and President of ANP return from Senegal



The head of the Guinean Government and the President of the National People’s Assembly, Umaro Sissoko Embaló and Cipriano Cassama respectively, returned to the country on Sunday after having responded to an invitation from Senegalese President Macky Saal , About the attempt to find a solution to the political crisis.

Arrived at Osvaldo Vieira International Airport, Cipriano Cassama, said that the time has come to turn the political page in Guinea-Bissau.

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Parliament’s leader also reaffirmed parliamentary support for the new government and called on political parties to help unlock the political crisis in Guinea-Bissau.

New Prime Minister Umaro Sissoco Embaló and ANP President Cipriano Cassamá were on Saturday in Dakar, Senegal. Cassamá said that he had gone there as the new president of the African Parliamentary Union which brings together 43 African countries.

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This was Umaro Sissoco’s first trip abroad as the new prime minister of Guinea-Bissau. He is the fourth figure to hold this position since July 2014, at the beginning of this term.

Domingos Simões Pereira, Carlos Correia and Baciro Djá have already performed the same functions, but none of them managed to survive the present Guinean crisis.

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Guinea Bissau

Guinea-Bissau – Resignation of the Government of Bárbara Djá Made Official By Presidential Decree



Guinea Bissau – After announcing during a speech to the nation yesterday, the President of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau officiated on Tuesday the resignation of the government headed by Baciro Djá.

The presidential decree of José Mário Vaz alleges that the government of Djá failed to “approve the main instruments of governance, namely, the Government Program and the State Budget.”

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Another justification of the Guinean President has to do with the need for the formation of an “inclusive” Government, within the framework of the ECOWAS Roadmap and the Conakry Agreement, which stipulate some guidelines for ending the political crisis. On the other hand, decree number 09/2016 speaks of the need for the fulfillment of the constitutional duty of the Head of State as “the guarantor of the normal functioning of the institutions of the Republic”.

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José Mário Vaz’s point of view is “to avoid [the] greater degradation of the political situation and create the best conditions to face the economic-financial and social impacts of the crisis.”

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Guinea Bissau

The Sudanese Abdalla Hamdok replaces Carlos Lopes at the head of the CEA



Following the departure of Carlos Lopes on 31 October, Abdalla Hamdok will serve as interim Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) from November 1.
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The Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon has appointed the Sudanese Abdalla Hamdok to the post of Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) acting.


“Mr. Hamdok has served as Deputy Chief Economist and Executive Secretary since 2011. Before that, he led successfully the portfolios of activities of ECA on the management of the policy, NEPAD and regional integration, governance and public administration”, reports a communiqué of the ECA as of October 31.


Carlos Lopes is working on the future of the African Union


After 28 years at the United Nations, including four to the post of Secretary general of the economic commission for the Africa United Nations (ECA), bissau-Guinean Economist Carlos Lopes announced on 30 September he left his functions.


Last week, he was designated by president Paul Kagame of Rwanda – with eight other African personalities – to reflect on the institutional reform of the African Union.

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